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  • Son of God
    • Background
      • Geza Vermes: Jesus' followers understood 'Son of God' diferently not like the hebrew bible eg angelic beings chilren of israel
      • Judaism: Title applied to righteous men:Siarh and also Philo wrote that good people are sons God;Rabbis in Talmud declare when Israelites are good they are sons of God
        • Talmud:Rabbi Hanina who God called "My Son" was a miracle worker . Vermes suggests that "Son Of God" was a title used in Galilee by miracle workers.
      • Roman Emperor:     Agustus refered to his adportive ather Juilus as "Son of a God"
      • Exodus: Israel as a people called "God's Son" both appear in Jewish Literature-Also used for leaders
    • New Testament usage
      • Refers to Jesus' divinity when Angel Gabriel annonces "For this reason the holy child will be called the son of God"
    • New testament Examples
      • In Luke 1:23 Annunciation "Shall be called the Son of God" also in Luke "4:41 Jesus' casts out Demons they fall and Declare "You are the Son of God"
      • Few sayings in which Jesus refers to himself as God's son. Mark: "Noone, not even the angels in heaven nor the son but only the father knows"
    • Jesus' Use
      • Luke 2:49 Temple "My Faters House" 3:22 Jesus allows imself to be called Son Of God
    • Theological Development
      • Creed of 325 " And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Son o God, begotten of the Father
      • Thomas Aquinas taught humans created in image of God but fall short only Son Of God is Jesus


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