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  • Possible products
    • Agriculture smell
      • Air freshener where people can choose the scent
    • Boredom for children
      • A pack of games or ideas that can help children get through long car journeys
    • Hygiene issues
      • A pack of hygiene related things that are perhaps related to camping
      • Cleaning the toilets with endorsed products
    • Language barriers
      • Games that are in a certain language that children can play in the car on a long journey.
        • Educational
      • Learn signs that most languages will understand. So videos, examples and pictures of people doing the signs that will be available on a app.
    • Noise
      • Noise cancelling ear plugs or headphones
      • Certain areas for children and adults. so for instance, a part where children can play and do what they want. then a place for adults to observe their children but to enjoy what they want t5o do.
    • Travel sickness
      • A little pack of comfort things like a head rest, tablets, ear plugs, headphones, music suggestions to make them more relaxed.
    • Food/ dietary options
      • Propose more vegan/ vegetarian food options at services, that are suitable for travelling, camping etc.


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