Sociology Unit 2

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  • Sociologists unit 2
    • Durkheim- education was for transmission of the norms and values of society. education unites all indivudals. schools are mini societies.
    • Parsons- education is a bridge between family and wider society. socialises children into the basic values of society. it slects people for their future roles.
    • Davis and Moore- Role allocation-education sifts and sorts people according to their abilities.
    • Bowles and Gintis- education controlled by capitalists. close relationship between schooling and work. Schooling prepares people for work.
      • hidden curriculum- prepares work force. schools teach acceptence of heirachy since teachers give orders and pupils obey. meritocracy is a myth.
    • Willis- learning to labour. study of groups of boys. boys saw themself as superior to staff and other pupils. not interested in getting results. aim to do as little work possible.


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