What is Socialisation?

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  • Socialisation
    • Socialisation = the process of learning the culture of any given society
      • When a person doesn't learn the norms and values of society they are referred to as 'unsocialised'
    • Socialisation is fundamental to the acquisition of cuture
    • Functionalists believe that socialisation is an essential part of the establishment of social order
      • They believe that socialisation is vital for the wellbeing of individuals and for society as a whole
        • It enables people to fit in
    • Marxists think that the 'ruling class' control socialisation and pass on their norms and values, which enables them to control the subject class (ideological control)
    • Unsocialised children are usually referred to as 'Feral Children'
      • It is very uncommon to find children who have had no/little contact with humans, however there are some very famous examples.
      • Genie - she was discovered when she was 13 years old. Her father locked her away for 11 years with little human contact. She had not learnt how to walk, talk, eat or to use the toilet because she had been deprived of human contact
    • The early years of a child's life are very significant in the acquisition of culture
    • In these early years children learn, through socialisation, how to fit in to society (they learn how to be human)


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