Social Policies and the family

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  • Social Policy and the Family
    • Divorce Reform Act 1969
      • Impacts:
        • Children have no role models
          • If mothers get the custody, then boys have no role models
          • If fathers get the custody then girls have no role model
        • It creates the instability of the nuclear family
        • There will be an increase in lone parent familes
        • Children become more emotionally hurt
    • Working Families tax credits
      • New Right
      • It comes to a cost that if a family is divorced, they may survive on benefits
        • Women who live on benefits are financially better off compared to women who live in a patriarchal family
          • Feminists believed this
      • It operated from April 1999 to March 2003
      • All taxes and welfare benefits support the nuclear family
      • Child Benefits only to be paid to married couples
        • By doing so, this may encourage more people to get married.


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