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  • Social Learning Theory
    • Assumptions
      • Bandura agreed that behaviour is learned from experience
      • People learn from imitation and observation
      • There are ways of indirectly learning
      • Vicarious Reinforcement
        • Learner watches a individual
        • Behaviour is imitated if it is seen to be rewarded
      • Mediational Processes
        • Attention- extent to which we notice behaviours
        • Retention- remembering
        • Motor Reproduction
        • Motivation
      • Identification
        • Role models possess similar traits and are of high status to the observer
        • May be in the media
        • Modelling
    • Evaluation
      • Cognitive Factors- considers how humans and animals can store information about behaviour
      • Too Much Lab Reliance- the whole point of a Bobo doll is to be hit (demand characteristic) so this shows the results are hard to apply to real life
      • Ignores Biological Influence- the Bobo doll results could be explained by hormones
      • Less Determinist- Bandura emphasised reciprocal determinism (we exert influence upon our environment) and that we have free will of when to perform some actions


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