Social Influence

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  • Social Influence
    • Types and explanation of conformity
      • Types: Compliance Internalisation Identification
      • Explanations: Normative Informational
    • Variables affecting conformity
      • Asch: investigated the effects on conformity on group influence
    • Conformity to social roles
      • Zimbardo: Investigated how people act in negative situations
      • Reicher + Haslam: BBC Prison Study
    • Situational variables affecting obedience
      • Milgram: Investigated obedience to authority
      • Situational  factors in obedience: proximity, location, uniform.
    • Agentic state and legitimacy of authority
      • Agenitc state: acting as an agent
      • Legitimacy of authority: person must be perceived as in a position of social control
    • The authoritarian personality
      • Elms + Milgram: 20 'obedient' participants and 20 'defiant' completed the MMPI and F-scale
      • Adorno et al.: High on F-scale means authoritarian family background
    • Resistance of social influence
      • Social support: conformity an obedience drops
      • Internal (determined by them) External (luck, fate)
    • Minority influence
      • Consistency, Commitment, Flexibility.
      • Nemeth: mock jury
      • Moscovici: More consistent = more influential
      • Clark: 12 angry men
    • Social influence processes in social change
      • Draw attention,  Role of conflict, consistency, augmentation principle, snowball effect


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