Smart materials

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  • Smart materials
    • Smart glass
      • Used to change light transmission properties of windows or skylights when a voltage is applied.
      • Advantages
        • Controls amount of heat passing through a window, saving energy costs.
        • Provides shade from harmful UV rays.
        • Provides privacy.
      • Disadvantages
        • Requires constant supply of electricity and expensive to install.
        • Speed of control and degree of transparency.
    • Thermochromic pigments
      • Combined with polymers and used in kettles which change colour when boiling and return to original colour when cool.
      • Advantages
        • Immediate visual indication of temperature.
        • Safety feature.
        • Aesthetic 'novelty' appeal.
      • Disadvantages
        • Limited colour range.
        • Not possible to engineer accurate temperature settings to colour changes.


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