skyfall- audience

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  • Skyfall- audience
    • targeting
      • Bond films already have a pre established audience due to it being a franchise and the books
      • fans of the action genre
      • fans of the stars - star marketing big brittish names
      • new female audiience now that women have a new representation in bond films
      • people targeted through promotional offers such as omega watches and diet coke campaign
      • fans of sam mendes
    • Positioning
      • look up to bond idolise him
      • gadgets suits taste of women humour we are positioned to like him
      • look up to M as the mother figure the mother bond had to have after he was orphaned
      • positioned to want bond to succeed
    • Responses
      • receptive theroy stuart hall
      • author of recent bond film sebastian faulks critisised the film and the acting and the agressive promotion of this
      • uses and gratifications - entertainment personal identity and escapism
      • 5 oscar nominations won best song
      • empire best film
      • bafta winner
      • laura mulvey watercooler effect
    • debates
      • homoerotic scene with bond and silva
      • reach out to a younger more diverse audience


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