Skill related fitness- Agility and reaction time

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  • Skill relatedfitness
    • individual activity and a skill/technique where agility isimportant
      • • Badminton
        • • Smash return
          • • I was able to get to the shuttle quickly and was balanced when playing the shot
    • a team activity and a skill/technique where agility isimportant.
      • • Basketball
        • • Rebounding
          • • I was able to quickly adjust my body position to win the ball
    • A situation where reaction time is important to start anindividual activity
      • • Athletics/100 metres
        • • To get a fast start I had to react as quickly as possible to the gun
    • A situation where reaction time was important during yourperformance in a team activity
      • • Volleyball
        • • The ball was deflected off our block and I had to dive quickly to reach/return it


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