Simon - Lord of the Flies

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  • Simon
    • Isolated
      • Quiet amongst the boys
      • Misunderstood by the others.
        • Others find him weird
        • "batty"
    • Represents faith and spiritualality
      • Fits and faints are indicative of this.
        • Like a spiritualist going into a trance.
    • Altruistic
      • Help and think of others without a seek for reward
        • Helping Ralph with shelters instead of playing with the Littleuns.
          • Picks fruit for Littleuns
      • Picks fruit for Littleuns
    • Understand the nature of the beast
      • "What if the evil is only us?"
      • "Man kinds essential illness, this weakness that is within them"
        • "What if the evil is only us?"
    • Linked to Jesus?
      • Conversation with the Lord of the Flies
        • Similar to Jesus being tempted by the devil in the bible.
    • Ironic with the beast
      • Although he is the one who don't believe in it, he is mistaken twice for the beast in the novel
        • At the start by one of the Littleuns when he goes to the toilet
        • At the end when he is killed by the savage group.


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