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  • Simon
    • Kind and perceptive
      • His comment "as if it wasn't a good island" foreshadows to the reader evil
      • Senses Ralph's despair and comforts him "you'll get back alright" Ralph tells him he is batty but his predictions turn out to be right
      • When Jack knocks off Piggy's glasses Simon hands them back and when Jack refuses to give Piggy meat Simon gives his own
      • Sensitive to all the hostility and emotion among st the boys when arguments break out. He feels surrounded by passions which "beat about" him with "awful wings
      • Doesn't think beast is an actual creature, when he thinks of the beast he thinks of humans but when he explains this to the others they don't understand
        • Recognizes that the real thing to fear is themselves. The other boys savagely kill him which is ironic as the fear of the beast causes them to kill the person who could tell them that the beast isn't real
      • His conversation with The lord of the flies happens in his head- tells his what he already knows, that the evil  the boys fear is themselves
    • Spiritual figure
      • Could represent Jesus- Doesn't harm others, gives food to littleuns and makes a prediction about the future. Dies trying to tell a truth that is rejected
        • But unlike Jesus death, it leads to more savagery not salvation
      • Description of Simon religious. His body seems to turn to silver and "marble" as it's washed out to see as if it is something heavenly the water surrounded his head with "brightness"- a halo
      • Simons secret part of the forest is beautiful and calm until the hunters leave the pigs head their, symbolizes the way evil destroys innocence
      • The conversation between Simon and the lord of the flied is a confrontation of good and evil
    • Shy and physically weak
      • Not as old or tall as big boys "skinny, vivid", sometimes faints suggesting he is physically weaker then others but something intense about him
      • Represents goodness in all humans. His weakness portrays that although we all have good in us, the evil is stronger
      • Finds it hard to express himself- thinks he should explain what he thinks about the beat but hates speaking aloud in front of the others
        • His failure to explain himself reminds reader that he is a young boy struggling to express a complicated idea- the others laugh at him and Piggy calls him "Cracked" - their attitude towards him hints that they won't exept the beast is inside them in time to control it
    • His murder changes everything
      • After Simon's death the weather becomes very calm and the sea gently takes his body away, as if nature is mourning his loss - Pathetic fallacy
      • Horrific, the boys use their bare hands and teeth to beat and tear at Simon. It's animal-like and savagery which even involves Piggy and Ralph
        • Orginal sin EVERYONE posseses
          • Shows you what even the most decent humans are capable of - beginning of open savagery
      • The boys can't go back to being civilized and have completely decented to savagery
  • SIMON IS - KIND "Simon found for them the fruit they could not reach" PERCEPTIVE-"Maybe there is a beast...maybe it's only us" SOLITARY-"He...glanced swiftly round to confirm that he was uttlerly alone"


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