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  • Sikhism Gurburbs
    • Baisakhi
      • Celebrates the birth of the khalsa- The story of Amrit Shakna
        • Amrit Shakna- The first 5 baptized sikhs, all the male were given the surname 'singh' meaning lion and all females were given the name 'kaur' meaning princess.
          • Khalsa means pure community.
        • The first 5 khalsa sikhs were also named 'panj pyares' meaning the five beloved ones as they were willing to die for their religion.
        • Guru Gobind singh statred the khalsa in 1699
        • Can also be used to celebreate freedom.
    • Hola Mohalla
      • Started by Guru Gobind Signh and was used to practice military excersises.
      • Is also celebrated
      • Celebrated in the punjab.
    • Diwali
      • Victory of good over evil, as it celebrates the release of Guru Hargobind from prison with the 52 princes.
      • Celebration of freedon and human rights.
        • Guru Hargobind would only leave prison if the emperor released the 52 princes, the emporer said those that can cling on to Guru Hargobinds coat will be released, all 52 princes clung onto the tassells of Guru Hargobinds coat and were freed.
      • Also celebrates the day that Guru Hargobind returned to Amritstar.
      • It is celebrated using lights as it is also known as the 'festival of lights' so for example fireworks, candles etc may be lit.
    • Gurpurb of Guru Nanak
      • Shows respect to Guru Nanak as he is the founder of sikhism.
      • This can be celebrated through continuous reading of the Guru Granth Sahib.This can last for over 48 hours.
        • Also known as an Akhand path.
    • Gurpurb of Guru Gobing Singh
      • Celebrated becasue he is the creater of the khalsa 'pure'
      • Created the khalsa because he wanted to protect sikhism.
      • The last human guru. Passed Guruship onto the Guru Granth Sahib.
    • Matrydoms of Guru Arjan
      • Guru Arjan was the first matrydom. May be seen as an inspiration to the amrit-chakna story where sikhs were prepared to die for their religion.
      • Guru Arjan aslo built the first layers of what is now the Harimandir (golden temple)
        • This shows his commitment to his religion.
          • Sikhs may please the waheguru by visiting tthe Harimandir/ going on a pilgrimage because it shows total dedication to sikhism.
    • Matrydom of Guru Tegh  Bahadur
      • Sacrificed his own life to protect other religions (for example hinduism) and that shows caring and love.
      • Links to Diwali as he showed freedom and human rights
        • This is when he was released from prison and helped free the 52 innocent princes.


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