Sigall & Ostrove : Attractiveness & jury decsion

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  • Sigall & Ostrove : attractiveness & jury decision
    • Aim
      • Whether attractiveness affected jury decision-making
    • Procedure
      • 120 people given card with crime on and photo of a woman
      • 6 groups saw either attractive or unattractive and fraud or burgulary
      • Rate on attractiveness and prison sentence from 1 - 15 years
    • Results
      • Table shows mean average length of sentence & attractiveness
      • Similar length for both crimes with no photo and unattractive
      • Attractive photo spend longer for fraud and less for burgulary
    • Conclusion
      • Good-looking people get away with some crimes, but if use looks for crime less likely to get away with it
    • Strengths
      • Good controls, same instructions, similar cases means less extraneous variables - reliable
      • Control group to see if photo made difference
      • no demand characteristics - didn't know what other group were doing
    • Weaknesses
      • Not realistic, not what jury would experience
      • juries don't decide prison sentence only if guilty or not


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