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  • SHM
    • conditions
      • acceleration in the opposite direction
      • force is proportional to its displacement
    • oscillates either side of equilibrium
    • restoring force acts towards the equilibrium point
    • energy is transferred between different forms
      • in a veritcal mass-spring system
        • max displacement= max ke and 0 pe
        • 0 displacement= max Pe and 0 ke
      • horizontal mass-spring system
        • 0 displacement- max elastic potentail       -max displacement = max= max ke
    • Damping
      • when the energy in an oscillating sytsem is lost to its surroundings
        • this leads to a reduction in amplitude
      • critical
        • amplitude is reduced to 0 in the shortest posible time
      • heavy
        • amplitude is reduced without any more oscillations
      • light
        • amplitude gradually decreases with each oscillations
    • forced oscillations
      • are when a system experiences an external driving force which causes it to oscillate
      • free oscillations
        • when no external forces are acting on the system
          • oscillates at natural frequency
      • resonnace
        • when the driving F = natural F
        • amplitude is significantly increased due to gaining more e from the driving force
        • has uses but can also cause structural damages


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