Sheila Birling - Quotes

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  • Sheila
    • "But these girls aren't cheap labour - they're people." - Act 1
    • "But she was very pretty and looked as if she could take care of herself. I couldn't be sorry for her." - Act 1
    • "(tensely) I want to get out of this. It frightens me the way you talk." - Act 3
    • "(rather wildly, with laugh) No, he's giving us the rope - so that we'll hang ourselves." - Act 2
    • "You began to learn something. And now you've stopped. You're ready to go on in the same old way." - Act 3
    • "(laughs rather hysterically) Why - you fool - he knows. Of course he knows. And I hate to think how much he knows that we don't know yet. You'll see. You'll see." - Act1
    • "(bitterly) I suppose we're all nice people now" - Act 3


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