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  • setting
    • dark and foggy
      • Stevenson emphasise the darkness in the novel
        • less respectable parts = darkness
      • in Soho the light is always changing
        • this symbolises the narrative as a whole - only parts of the truth can be seen at any one time
      • repeatedly mentions fog
        • it's so dense that it covers whole streets - making them places of secrecy
      • fog actively works against the characters at time
        • when utterson visits soho, it "cut him off" from his surroundings
          • Stevenson uses fog to isolate characters and restrict their view of events
      • fog also symbolises mystery
        • the lecture theatre at jekylls house is described as "foggy"
          • the fog seems to have come indoors which represents how deeply Jekyll has hidden his secret
    • London streets as threatening places
      • streets are dangerous - both of Hyde's attacks take place there
      • Stevenson builds a nightmarish version of London that's between reality and fiction
        • he uses vague descriptions of familiar settings.
        • he includes specific details about locations


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