The second way

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  • Second Way
    • Nothing can be the cause of itself.
      • Something has to start the ball rolling
    • Every effect has a cause
      • There fore there must be a first cause. This is what everyone understands to be god.
    • The uncaused causer (God)
    • There cannot be an infinite regress of causes.
    • Leibnits, Kalam and Lane Craig supported this way.
    • Rejection of infinite regress
      • Aquinas proposed there had to be an uncaused cause that began all change in the universe.
        • The cause cannot be taken away because effectively the effect will be taken away too. (the universe)
    • To deny infinite regress means that there must be a being which in itself is an uncaused cause and eternal
      • a being which does not depend on anything else for is existence
        • Otherwise that being would have a beginning.
    • 'There is no case known in which a thing is found to be the efficient cause of itself' - aquinas


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