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  • Physics
    • Energy Transfers
      • Radiation
      • Infrared Radiation
      • Radio Wave Lengths
      • Microwaves
      • Radiowaves
      • Convection
      • Conduction
      • Speficic Heat Capacity
      • Sankey Diagrams
    • Efficiency
      • Usefull Energy divided by Total x Energy x 100 = Effieciency
      • Joules= Energy
      • Voltmeter= Volts
      • Ammeter= Currents
      • Effieciency- Total energy supplied to the device
    • National Grid
      • Step-up transformers increase the voltage, which means more electricity gets to the house
      • Step-down transformers reduce the voltage and spreads it to other houses
    • Generating Electricity
      • Fuel- a power for cars, planes, machinary- e.g. Desiel, petrol, oil, biofuels, coal, food etc.
      • Coal, oil and gas are called "fossil fuels" which means they were made from fossils
      • Non- renewable: coal, gas & oil
      • Renewable: wind, solar, water (waves, tides) & biofuels
    • Transverse Waves
      • Types of waves: shock, heat, hand, transverse, E.M, tidal, mexican, sound & sea waves
      • Wave speed= m/s
      • Transverse waves are when the displacement is at right angles to the direction of the wave
      • wave (v)= frequency (f) x wavelength


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