My Epic Revision Mindmap for Science

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  • Science
    • Biology
      • Animal and plant adaptation
        • A herbivore
          • An animal that eats plants
        • A carnivore
          • An animal that eats meat
        • There are 4  plants in the plant kingdom
          • Mosses
          • Conifers
          • Flowering Plants
          • Ferns
      • Reproduction
        • Internal Fertilisation
          • When two animals have sexual intercourse inside the female
        • External Fertilisation
          • Fertilisation in which two animals have sexual intercourse in the open
    • Chemistry
      • pH scale
        • There are  14 colours that distinguish whether something is an acid or an alkali
          • Red is the strongest acid
          • Blue is the strongest alkali
          • Green is when a substance is neutral
      • Particle Theory
        • Solids
          • The Particles have strong bonds and have a fixed shape
        • Gases
          • In gases, particles are far apart and can move anywhere by themselves. That's why gases fill any container they are in
        • Liquids
          • The particles in a liquid are close to one another but can move past each other
      • The Fire triangle is three substances that make a fire
        • Heat
        • Oxygen
        • Fuel
    • Physics
      • Circuits
        • Series Circuits
          • A circuit  that if one bulb goes the circuit will not work
        • Parallel Circuits
          • A circuit that where if a bulb stops working the rest will still work
      • Forces
        • Gravity
          • Discovered by Issac Newton
        • Cars move when the force is unbalanced


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