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        • The pH Scale
          • The strongest acid has pH 0.
          • The strongest alkali has pH 14.
          • A neutral substance has pH 7.
        • Indicators
          • An indicator is just a dye that changes colour
          • The dye in  the indicator changes colour depending on whether it's above or below a certain pH.
          • Indicators are very useful for estimating the pH of a solution.
          • Examples
            • Universal Indicator
              • Universal Indicator is a very useful combination of dyes which gives the colours of the pH scale
            • Litmus Paper
              • Litmus paper tests whether a solution is acidic or alkaline because it changes colour at around pH 7.
              • It's red in acidic solutions, purple in neutral solutions and blue in alkaline solutions.
            • Phenolphthalein
            • Methyl Orange
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