Scene 8

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  • Scene 8
    • Hyman lifts her onto bed- raises sexual tension
    • Hyman arrives and chat about music
    • Sylvia wants to tell him her dreams - described nightmare in which crowd of Germans are hunting for her, as in newpaprers of Kristallnacht, she tries to run but is captured, ***** and mutilated by a faceless man she identifies as her husband
    • Sylvia in the wheelchair by her bed, listens to popular Jewish singer Eddie Cantor on radio
    • Kisses Hyman on mouth- feels ashamed
    • He discovers Gellburg is lying about sex
      • Haven't had sexual relations in 20 years since birth of son
    • no explanation for Gellburg's impotence
    • She says Phillip hit her, drawing a connection between her husband and the Nazis
    • Reaches for him and then collapses before he can help him Gellburg arrives- Hyman saying Sylvia desperate to be loved
    • Gellburg and Sylvia discuss attacks on Jews with self-destructive marriage
    • Talk about life


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