Russia 1917

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  • Russia, 1917
    • Before 1917
      • Oppositon to the Tsarist Government.
      • Involvement in WW1 was draining the economy
    • March 1917
      • Tsar abdicates
      • Provisional Governement promises reforms.
        • Struggles to gain support.
      • Formation of the Petrograd Soviet Workers' and Soldiers Deputies challenge government authority.
    • April 1917
      • Lenin returns to Russia from exile and orders to overthrow the Provisional Government.
      • April Thesis
        • Workers' Revolution
        • Overthrow Capitalism
        • End war with Germany
        • Give power to the working class
        • Land to peasants
    • July Days
      • Attempt to overthrow the government by soldiers and some Bolsheviks.
        • Rebellion crushed. Lenin flee's to Finland
      • Kerensky made Primeminister. Bolsheviks denounced as traitoirs
      • Peace, Land, Bread
    • September 1917, Kornilov Revolt
      • General Kornilov wanted to continue war with Germany and establish a military dictatorship
      • Kerensky allowed Bolsheviks to arm themselves. Bolshevik power began to rise.
    • October, The October Revolution
      • Lenin calls for revolution. Kerensky shut down Bolshevik newspapers.
      • Bolsheviks seize power. 25 October.
    • November
      • Government named Sovnarkom.
      • November Decrees, aimed to keep promises of Peace, Land, Bread.
      • Aimed to guide Russia  towards Communism.
  • Overthrow Capitalism


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