romeo and juliet characters

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  • Romeo and Juliet Characters
    • Capulets
      • Juliet
        • Innocent person
        • Not shy
        • Falls in love when she sees romeo
        • She is a brave person
      • The Nurse
        • Like a mother to Juliet
        • Takes risk helping juliet
        • Is a genuinely caring towards juliet
        • Doesn't appreciate how much Juliet loves Romeo
      • Tybalt
        • Juliet's cousin
        • Very aggressive
        • Happy to fight anyone that is a part of the montagues
        • Full of anger and hatred
    • Montagues
      • Romeo
        • Loves Juliet at first sight
        • Moody person
        • Fears for the future
        • Passionate
      • Friar Lawrence
        • Father figure to romeo
        • Offers lots of advice to Romeo
        • Wise and trusted by all
        • Takes risk marrying romeo and juliet to each other
      • Mercutio
        • Romeos best friend
        • Full of imagination and language
        • Keen to pick a fight with most people
        • Loves entertaining and making fun of people


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