models of breakdown evlaution

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  • Rollie & Duck's model of breakdown (2006) Evaluation
    • Socially sensitive area of research, delving into private matters. P's may be distressed when reliving a breakdown
    • Offers implications for intervening in a relationship breakdown, and 'fixing' it
      • It stresses the importance of communication - paying attention to what people are saying and what is discussed provides an insight into the stage of breakdown they are at, so can suggest the appropriate intervention. Supported by Cina (2003)
    • Relevant to individualist cultures, but less so to collectivist - arranged marriages etc.
    • Tashiro & Frazier (2003) survey of undergrads who had recently broken up
      • Reported distress in their relationship, and personal growth from the break up that gave them new insights for the future. Through grave dressing and resurrection processes they were able to have closure and move on.


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