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  • Magnets
    • Magnets and magnetic materials
      • Magnets have a North and South Pole. Opposites attract, and similar poles repel.
      • The earth has a magnetic field
      • All magnets are metal but not all metals are magnets
      • N+N repel, S+S repel, and N+S attract
      • Some metals, such as Iron, Nickel, and cobalt are magnetic. Alloys such as steel are too.
    • Magnetic force field
      • Force fields are invisible, but you can see which patterns they give using metal shavings
      • The Earth has a magnetic field
      • To magnetise a needle, rub a magnet (North Pole) along the metal, aligning the electrons
      • Iron is responsible for the Earth's magnetic field. The south pole of the magnet is the geographical north pole, and vice versa. Magnetic fields are 3 dimensional, not flat.
      • To make a compass, you need to magnetize a needle, and then pace it in water on a paper towel. It should point north.
    • Electromagnets
      • To make an electromagnet, wrap wire around a magnetic metal. then attach it to an electric current. It becomes magnetic
      • The more coils, the stronger the electromagnet


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