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  • Rivers
    • water cycle
      • inputs
        • precipitation-water moves from oil to rocks.
      • stores
        • intereption-water vapour consensus into rain.
        • soil & moisture-water stored in the soil
        • ground water-water stored in the rocks deep underground.
        • surface storage
      • transfers
        • surface runoff-water moves across the surface of the earth.
        • infiltration-water socks into the soil.
        • through flow-water moves downhill through the soil.
        • percolation-water moves from the soil and into rock deep underground.
        • groundwater flow-water moves slowly through the soil and rocks back to sea.
        • evaporation-water is transformed from seawater into water vapour in the atmosphere.
        • condensation-water changing from ages to a liquid.
        • stem flow-water flowing sown steams and trunks of plants and trees.
      • outputs
        • river discharge
        • transpiration-water vapour lost from vegetation.
        • mail channel-flowing to lakes and oceans.
    • drainage basin
      • source-where drops of water join to start a river.
      • tributary-a small river or stream that joins to a bigger river.
      • confluence-the point where two rivers meeting join.
      • river channel-the main body of water.
      • mouth-the place where the river flows in to the sea.
      • drainage basin-area of land that is drained by a river and tribtarys.


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