Restoritive Justice

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  • Restorative Justice
    • What is it?
      • It involves the Offender, the Victim and the communiity
      • Tries to resolve conflict, and repair harm
      • Offender sees the damage they have done, tries to make it right
      • Victim has the chance to tell offender face to face how they have been harmed
    • Pro's and Con's
      • Pros
        • The victim needs to go back to normal life
        • The offender needs to go back to the law-abiding life
        • The community needs the damged caused to be restored
      • Cons
        • It relies on people engaging Voluntarily
        • It relies on having a community in the first place
        • Puts pressure on victim and takes a long time
    • How does it work?
      • A trained, skilled mediator chairs the meeting
      • Offenders apologizes to victim an d listens to victims story
      • Offender agrees to some practical payment
      • A line is drawn under the experience and both agree to move on
    • Offenders can recieve
      • Counsiling
      • Help to find a job
      • Addiction counsilling
      • Anger Management
    • Does it work?
      • 75% of victims are satisfied by the end
      • Many felt less angered, less afraid and emotionally healed
      • Mediation has helped offenders as well as putting them off offending again




Absolutely fantastic



A concrete example tree that is easy to learn and understand. badland


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