Restless Earth 2

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  • Restless Earth 2
    • What did the continents used to be like? How do we know this?
      • One huge 'Super continent' called Pangea, we know because of fossils found and layers of rock on previously joined continents.
    • What are tectonic plates, how many are there and what is it called where two meet?
      • Pieces of crust that fit together to form the whole crust, 15 large and 20 small, they meet at 'plate boundaries'.
    • What are the different types of plate boundary?
      • Constructive, destructive, collision zones and conservative
    • What happens at a constructive plate boundary?
      • Plates move apart, magma rises and new crust is formed, small earthquakes and not very dangerous volcanoes.
    • What happens at destructive plate boundaries?
      • oceanic crust is destroyed via subduction, as it slides under a continental plate and it is melted and becomes hot magma, which can then rise to erupt from a volcano.
    • What are tectonic hazards and where do they occur?
      • Earthquakes and volcanoes, at plate boundaries, different types of boundary have different hazards.
    • What happens at conservative plate boundaries?
      • Plates slide past each other, high magnitude earthquakes, no volcanoes.
    • What are collision zones and what happens there?
      • Type of destructive boundary, form mountain ranges, where two continental plates collide and push up to form mountains. Earthquakes happen here.
    • How do earthquakes occur?
      • Caused by friction as plates tear apart.


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