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  • Respiration
    • It happens in every cell   of every living organism
    • It is the process of releasing energy.
    • The energy released is used for all the other chemical reactions that keep you alive.
      • Reactions involved in building protein
      • Reactions involved in muscle contractions.
      • Reactions involved in keeping warm.
    • Aerobic respiration needs oxygen.
      • Anaerobic respiration doesn't need any oxygen.
        • The red blood cells transport the oxygen to your muscles.#
      • The formula for aerobic respiration is glucose+oxygen->carbon dioxide+water
    • The heart pumps blood around the body which contains glucose and gives it to the muscles so they can gain energy.
    • The food that is digested contains glucose (sugar) you need to give you energy.
    • The lungs inhale oxygen and exhale oxygen.
    • The body needs oxygen to be able to respire.


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