"Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy"

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  • Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy
    • Renewable Energy
      • Examples
        • Wind-energy
        • Biofuel
        • Solar power
        • Hydropower
      • c) Sadly they don't all provide much energy and some of them are unreliable as they depend on the weather.
      • b) Most of them do damage the environment, but in less nasty ways than non-renewables
      • a) A renewable energy source is on that will never run out.
    • Non-Renewable Energy
      • a) They will all 'run out one day.
      • b) They all do damage to the environment
      • c) But they provide most of our energy.
      • There are environmental problems with using non-renewables
        • 1) All three fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) release carbon dioxide. But we could stop it by capturing it, (however it's too expensive to be widely used.
        • 2) Burning coal and oil releases sulpher dioxide, which causes acid rain.
        • 3) Coal mining makes a mess to the landscape
        • 4) Oil spillages cause serious environmental problems/
        • 5) Nuclear waste is very dangerous
        • 6) The overall cost of nuclear power is high due to the cost to build and decommission the power plant
        • 7) Nuclear power always carries the risk of a major catastrophe
      • Examples
        • Nuclear fuels (uranium and plutonium)
        • Natural gas
        • Oil
        • Coal
  • Examples
    • Nuclear fuels (uranium and plutonium)
    • Natural gas
    • Oil
    • Coal


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