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  • Renaissance
    • individuals
      • vesalius - anatomy
        • he wrote 'the fabric of the human body' - 1543
          • it contained detailed diagrams and a list of his observations
        • he pointed out some of Galen's mistakes that there are no holes in the septum of the heart
          • people said that the human body must have changed since Galen's time
      • William harvey - circulation of the blood
        • this disproved Galen's idea that the blood was consumed
        • finds out the differences between veins and arteries
        • he wrote 'an anatomical account of the motion of the heart and blood'
    • public health
      • lots of wars which used up resources
      • population was increasing putting strain on sewage systems and clean water supplies
    • the great plague 1665
      • people were locked away and had red crosses painted on their doors
      • corpses were buried in mass graves
      • the great fire of london 1666 killed off most of the bacteria for the plague sterilising the area
    • other
      • printing press ideas spread more easily and books mass produced
      • people started to sway towards medical knowledge of natural causes for disease not religious ideas which weakened the church


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