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  • religion and social protest
    • Steve Bruce- religion and social change
      • The American Civil Rights movement
        • he describes the struggle of the black civil rights movement of the 50s and 60s to end racial segregation as an example of religiously motivated social change- blacks were excluded from voting and schools were segregated
          • civil rights movement began in 1955 when rosa parks refused to sit at the back of the bus-campaigning involved marches- in 1964 segregation was outlawed- Bruce sees religion as an ideological resource- provided beliefsthat protestors vould draw on for motivation and support
            • he identifies ways in which religious organisations are well equipped to support protests
              • taking the moral high ground- black clergy pointed out the hypocrisy of white clergy who preached 'love thy neighbour' but supported racial segregation
              • channeling dissent- religion rovides channels to express political dissent
              • acting as honest broker- churches can provide a context for negotiating change as they are often respected by both sides in a conflict
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      • bruce thinks the movement achieved its aims as it shared the same values as wider society- it brought about change by shaming those in power
    • the new Christian right
      • politically and morally conservative movement- the aims of it are to seek to take America 'back to god'- they wish to make abortion, homosexuality and divorce illegal- they believe strongly in traditional gender roles
        • the Moral Majority- a Christian pressure group became the focus for political campaigning
          • the new christian right has been unsuccessful in achieving its aims
            • - the Moral Majority was never a majority- 15% of the population at most
            • its campaigners find it difficult to cooperate with people from other religious groups
            • the new Christian right lacks support and has met with strong opposition from groups who stand for freddom of choice
      • bruce describes THNR as a failed movement for change- it hasn't achieve dits aim of taking America back to god
  • Mobilising public opinion


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