Religion and social change

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  • religion and social change
    • an alteration of societies norms and values which has a long lasting effect on culture
      • prevents (conservative force)
      • causes (revolutionary force)
      • responds
    • functionalists
      • prevents (conservative force)
      • parsons: mechanism of adjustment, social control. Malinowski- psychological comfort- collective conscience- durkheim
      • see religion as having positive functions, preventing change
    • classical marxists
      • prevents (conservative force)
      • marx- ISA, flase class consciousness
    • neo-marxists
      • causes (revolutionary)
      • dual character_ Ernst bloch, Antonia Gramsci, otto Maduro liberation theology
    • feminists
      • prevents
        • simone and el saadawi
      • causes
        • linda woodhead
      • responds
        • adapting to gender nroms. CofE- 1997 female priests


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