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  • religion and life MARRIAGE AND FAMILY contraception
    • natural methods
      • family planning method around a womans cycle
      • pulling out
    • artificial methods
      • the pill
      • condoms
      • coil
    • christian attitudes
      • prevents new life so technically a form of abortion which is thought of as murder
      • allowed to plan and space out the children born in the family
      • Nothing in the bible forbidding it however natural methods preffered
    • muslim attitudes
      • for
        • Muslim lawyers state that contraception is different to abortion
        • Allah would not want his family to have to struggle through life giving their children a low quality of life so it can be used to prevent burden
        • if a woman knows she will die if she gets pregnant it is classed as suicide so contraception prevents this sin
      • against
        • sex is a gift of procreation and contraception prevents this
        • some forms of contraception is seen as murder
        • contraception encourages promiscuity
        • muslim duty is to have a large family


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