R.E unit 1- relationships

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  • relationships
    • chastity-This means that you do not have sex before marriage. Sometimes a person will obstain for life (e.g)-a priest.
    • commitment- making and keeping a promise (e.g)-wedding vows
      • marriage- the legal union of  people
        • homosexual
          • most churches will not marry homosexuals because one reason for marriage is pro-creation
            • same sex relationships
              • catholic church
                • teaches that marriage should be between a man and a woman  because sexual intercourse is fo rthe purpose of pro-creation as well as unity (love)
                  • homosexual marriage is not allowed
                    • the focus is on the sexual act being disordered
                      • same sex marriage is allowed In the quaker church
                        • this is because they agree that the sexual act  can be just for unity.
        • heterosexual
          • holy matrimony is the sacrament catholic churches give to heterosexual couples
            • Christian wedding
              • held in a church, chapel or cathedral as is considered to be gods house
                • purpose of marriage is stated at the start
                  • vows are taken to show commitment (e.g)- in sickness and in health
                    • exchange of rings to show everlasting love
                      • sermon/ talk about the importance of marriage
                        • hymns are sung to worship God
                          • signing of the register to show the marriage of the couple (legal requirement)
            • Jewish wedding
              • often held in a synagogue
                • held under a chuppa to symbolise the new home and Gods blessing
                  • blessings of wine to symbolise joy and marriage.
                    • signing of the ketbutah (contract)
                      • breaking of  glass to represent the fragility of marriage and also the destruction of the temple
    • conflict- working against eachother rather than in unity (e.g)- conflict in marriage could end in divorce
      • remarriage- you marry a different person after having a divorce
        • it is the same as 'second marriage'
          • the catholic church is opposed to this unless the previous marriage has been annulled
            • other churches (e.g)-church of England accept second marriages and will allow re-marriage.
      • Divorce- the legal ending of marriage. once a divorce is given the couple are no longer married by law.
        • catholic church does not recognise divorce as marriage is seen as a sacrament.
          • doesn't recognise divorce so there is no question for remarriage
        • church of England DOES accept there may be situations where there will be divorce
        • The Evangelical church will marry people in the hope they will start to attend their services regularly
    • love- to have a deep affection and express it through word and action (e.g)- there are four types of love storge, philos, eros and agape
      • sex- intercourse between two people
        • way of showing love
          • means of giving pleasure and receiving pleasure
            • Not all people view sex in this way
              • some people see it as a means of receiving and giving pleasure only!
          • way in which humans procreate and express love
        • in a marriage a couple are asked of they are willing to readily accept children from god.
          • sex is regarded as a gift from god by religious beeivers
    • reconciliation- to make friends again (e.g)-apology or forgiveness
    • responsibilities-to have a duty to another person or a job. it involves commitment (e.g)- a parent looking after a child.
    • Cohabitation-living together before getting catholic church would be against it.
      • if this involves sexual intercourse the catholic church would be against it
      • the church of England accept cohabitation as long as when the couple want to have children they get married.
      • people co-habit
  • in the bible it says "go fourth and multiply"
    • everyone present is considered a witness
    • wedding sometimes takes place during a 'Nuptial Mass'
      • this shows its sacramental nature


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