Acids bases and salts

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  • Acids, Bases and Salts
    • Acids
      • H+ (aq) make solutions acidic
      • reacts with bases to form salts
      • Hydrochloric acid = chlorides
      • Nitric acid = Nitrates
      • sulphuric acid = sulfates
      • The volumes of acid and alkali solutions that react with each other can be measured by Titrations
    • Bases
      • metal oxides are bases
      • limewater= test for CO2
      • OH- (aq) make solutions alkaline
        • soluble hydroxides are called alkalis
      • Ammonia dissolves in H20 to form an alkali
        • forms ammonium
          • used as fertilisers
    • Salts
      • The salts formed depends on the metal in the base or alkali
      • making salts
        • insoluble salts
          • made by mixing appropriate solutions of ions
            • forms precipitate
              • used to remove unwanted ions from solutions
                • eg. in treating water


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