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  • Rain forests
    • Always green, continuous growing season
    • Soil- latosol
      • Red, yellow colour, 20-30m deep, very narrow layer of organic material-  humus
      • Dependant on the decayed leaf litter
    • Deforestation
      • No trees to absorb CO2
      • erosion of soil, exposed to heavy rain
        • Dependant on the decayed leaf litter
      • reasons- economic
        • iron ore mine, The carajas mine
          • 7.2 billion metric tons of iron
          • Para in North Brazil
          • Creates 7000 jobs
      • Social impacts
        • The Huaorani, Amazon tribe
        • Losing homes and land
        • Land and rivers destroyed
        • Forced to leave -reservation and change culture and lifestyle
        • Spread of diseases
      • Environmental impacts
        • intrusive, sheer scale
        • Intrusive, sheer size, lose species of plants, habitats, carbon sink, soil quality deteriates
    • Shifting cultivation
      • Sustainable agriculture, Amazon rainforest, central and west Africa
      • Sustainable, less impact, greater chance of recovery
        • primitive tools, less harmful
        • ash spread natural fertiliser
        • no chemicals, relocate give chance to regenerate.
    • Selective logging


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