Rail Market Privatisation

The objectives, structure and brief evaluation about rail privatisation in the UK 

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  • Rail Privatisation
    • Objectives
      • to see better use made of railways
      • To provide greater responsiveness to customer
      • to give a better value money to rail users
      • To see a higher quality service
      • to generate new capital investment
    • Structure
      • opportunity for 'open access' companies to compete for services
      • outright sale of freight services
      • control of track charges by independent regulator; different to franchise regulator (DfT)
      • Franchising of passenger services - 23 total  + subsidies
      • Transfer of rolling stock to ROSCOs
      • separation of infrastructure from operations (Network Rail)
    • Most controversial as compelling natural monopoly argument
      • New Opportunities  White Paper 1992
    • Some have seen it as a success with rail passengers increasing
    • However, others see it as the least efficient in the EU - economist article


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