Question 3

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  • Q3
    • Explain some of the thoughts and feelings... has when...
      • identify thoughts and feelings
      • interpret thoughts and feelings
        • (read between the lines)
      • select examples to analyse
        • Can find lots of thoughts and feelings from just one bit
    • Context
      • 5w's
    • Not about the reader!
      • About what the writer is going through!
    • Work methodically through it
      • Where are they?
      • What are they thinking?
      • What are they doing?
      • What are they thinking?
    • Consider a range of interpretation
      • 2 or 3 per idea
    • Use emotive words
    • Interrogate the text
      • Ask questions!
    • 8 marks
      • 12 minutes
        • 2 handwritten sides
    • Write a lot about a little!
      • Don't use long quotations
    • Can look at punctuation
    • If the text mentions a feeling, DO NOT use that word to describe it!
      • Use a synonym!


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