Purpose of the discourses in john's gospel

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  • Purpose of the Discourses in John's gospel
    • Used to reveal true identity of Jesus through the "I am" sayings
      • 7 discourses in john's gospel
        • The number 7 has special significance in the gospel as it is the number of perfection
          • Could be seen as john showing jesus superiority over moses so therefore christianity's superiority over judaism
    • In the discourse "I am the true vine". The vine is a symbol of the word of god and the fruit symbolises the spreading of the word of god
      • Many of the discourses are set in an agricultural setting as at the time of jesus many of the people were farmers and worked the land for a living
        • Shows Jesus as knowing the lives of the people in his ministry
      • Discourse  show nature of true discipleship
      • Old Testament references as in the OT the vine is a symbol of israel
        • Jesus is describes as the "True Vine" placing emphasis as Jesus as the new Moses and Christianity superseding judaism


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