Pureland Buddhism

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  • Pureland Buddhism
    • What is Pureland?
      • Main type of buddhism in Japan
      • Began in china in the 2nd century
      • Spread throughout China and into Japan
    • What is it based on?
      • Faith in Amitabha Buddha
      • The hope that you can be re-born in the paradise where Amitabha lived
    • Who is Amitabha?
      • When he achieved his enlightenment he became a buddha
        • He then created a 'Pureland' called Sukhavati
      • A king in china who renounced his throne to become a monk
      • This land can be found to the far west
    • What is Pureland like?
      • No suffering
      • No problems or obstacles to stop people attaining enlightenment
      • Marvellous Music
      • Terraces and Jewelled trees
    • What do they believe?
      • If they are reborn in this land they believe they will be taught by Amitabha himself
        • therefore,  they will have a better chance of gaining enlightenment
      • Amitabha created a perfect paradise out of his own compassion and love for all beings


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