Pupil Subcultures

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  • Pupil subcultures: different groups of pupils who share different groups
      • Pupils who are placed in high streams and sets,high achieveing, obtain positive attention from teachers and gained status via acadmic success
      • Low stream resulting in poor self esteem, gaining negative attention from teachers, fighting AGAINST the school, poor behaviour and low quality of work
      • MAC AN GHAILL = male pupil subcultures
        • "Macho lads" = working class/antischool
        • Academic achievers = working class, social mobility
        • "New enterpisers"  = working vlass, ICT & business, PRO AND ANTI. £££ motivated
          • Embrace new vocationalism
        • "Real Englishmen"  working class, arrogant, efortlss achievement
        • "Gay students"
          • School = homophobic. Ignores diversity. Hetersexually orientated
    • Ao3 = CAN BE BOTH. Different classes reep different behaviour
    • Colin Lacey
      • Differentation
        • Setting & streaming
          • Pupils being treated differently because of their perceived academic abilities
      • Polarisation
        • The process in which pupils respond to setting and streaming by moving towards opposite poles of extreemes e.g. anti or pro school
      • Anti - school is a temporary status but gives permant damage
    • Mixed ability sets
    • Streaming
    • Setting
    • Within class grouping
    • Gender, class & ethnicity
      • Mac an Ghaill = "re-masculation" of education
        • Girls take easier subject & gain their success via boyfriends looks and sexual deviance
      • Gillbron = myth of the black challenge
      • Sewell = black pupils felt they were treated more harshly by white teachers
    • PAUL WLLIS (Marxist) = "learning to labour"
      • Working class boys = "lads". Anti-school subcultural grouping by opposition of the schools hidden curriculums norms and values
        • Little interest in academic work, deviant behaviour, smoking, drinking
          • NO interest in qualifications so turned to manual labour as they believed it to be superior to mental work ("girly")
      • Willis = argues the lads aren't forced but choose to fail at school
        • Bowles and Gintis
          • "Smokescreen"
          • Education system is NOT meritocratic


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