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  • Punishment
    • Reasons
      • Protection: Society is protected from a dangerous criminal
      • Deterrent: The person wont commit the offence again. Others wont copy them
      • Reform: Gives a chance for someone to become a law-biding member of society again
      • Vindication: Its fair if someone breaks the law, there would be a consequence
      • Revenge: "Eye for eye, tooth for tooth" Exodus
      • Repayment: criminal has to repair any hurt or damage
    • Types
      • A fine
      • Suspended Sentence: doesn't go to prison until they offend the law again
      • Probation: being supervised
      • Cautioning: crime is just recorded
      • Tagging: person is tagged and monitored on movement and location
      • ASBO: Anti-social behavior order: offender warned to stay away from certain areas or people
      • Imprisonment


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