Public Law - What is a Constitution?

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  • What is a Constitution?
    • Constitutions are used in many types of organisation to establish fundamental rules and principles by which organisation is governed.
      • e.g. political parties, clubs and societies.
    • A political constitution
      • deals with entire organisation of a state and how its legal order is established
      • also give effect to values which society regards as important.
    • For our purposes as public lawyers
      • A constitution will usually define a state's fundamental political principles, establish framework of government of state, and guarantee certain rights and freedoms to citizens.
    • Fundamental political principles of a state
      • Will be key political ideas or doctrines on which state is based
    • Framework of government
      • Will set out powers and duties of executive, legislative and judicial branches of state
    • Rights and freedoms of citizens will be those basic rights and freedoms which is agreed all citizens of state should enjoy.
      • e.g. right to free speech, or right to vote in free elections


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