psychodynamic explanations of abnormality

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  • psychodynamic explanations of Abnormalities
    • OCD
      • Caused by instinctual forces (driven by the ID and the ego) that are not under full control due to traumatic events in the anal stage of the psychosexualstages
      • this person is therefore fixated in the anal stage
      • it is the battle between the ids desire and superegos morals that can cause OCD as the ego fails to control either
      • obsessive thoughts maybe generated by the id but the ego uses defence mechanisms to counteract this by making the person behave in the complete opposite way
      • if a child has a traumatic event while potty training for example being messy and being told off  then obsessive thoughts of being neat and tidy reemerge in adolescence
    • phobias
      • The psychodynamic explanation of phobias is based on Freud’s idea that id impulses are repressed and that anxiety is then displaced onto an object or situation.      
      • little hans case study
      • the anxiety  is being  repressed into the unconsciousness by defence mechanisms and anxiety is being replaced onto another object
      • little hans had a fear of castration which caused him to be anxious which was displaced onto horses


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