Protein Synthesis

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  • Protein Synthesis
    • Transcription
      • RNA polymerase attaches to DNA double helix
      • Hydrogen bond breaks
        • Strands unzip
          • One strand is the template strand
            • ANTISENSE STRAND
      • Free RNA nucleotides line up next to their complementary bases and do specific base pairing
      • RNA polymerase moves along DNA, separating the strand, forming RNA
        • RNA
          • Single polynucleotide molecule
          • Triplet bases knows as codon
      • mRNA molecule moves out of nucleus through a pore in the nuclear envelope
      • mRNA strand attaches to a ribosome
      • Start signal tells RNA polymerase to start
      • Stop signal tells RNA polymerase to stop making mRNA and detach from the DNA
    • Translation
      • tRNA anticodon attaches to mRNA codon by specific base pairing
        • tRNA
          • folded, single polynucleotide molecule
          • Has specific binding site for amino acid to attach to
          • Has specific sequence of 3 bases (anticodon)
      • Second tRNA anticodon attaches to next mRNA codon
      • Peptide bond forms between 2 amino acids
      • First tRNA molecule moves away, leaving the amino acid, and another tRNA anticodon attaches to the next mRNA codon
      • Process continues until there's a stop signal
      • Protein moves away from ribosome and process is complete


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