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  • Prosopagnosia
    • Prosopagnosia is defined as the ability to recognise everyday objects but not faces.
      • Supports the idea that face recognition is different to normal perception.
    • Rumiati- Mr W suffered brain damage and couldn't recognise faces but could interpret expressions correctly.
      • Bruce and Young's theory would suggest that stages 1 and 2 of facial recognition are not working.
    • Bornstein- brain damaged farmer couldn't recognise faces or his own cows.
    • - Gouthia-people with prosopagnosia can also have other object recognition problems too.
      • Gouthier and Tarr- FFS activated when tested on things people knew about.
    • - Case studies are the main support for this research.
      • Farah- due to lack of inter-laboratory verification.
    • Alternative theory of Holistic Processing.


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