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  • Pronouns
    • Substitute for a noun or noun phrase
    • Me, you, us, it, which, my
    • Personal Pronouns
      • Refer to specific persons or things
      • She was hungry
    • Reflexive Pronouns
      • Personal pronouns that have '-self' or '-selves' added to end
      • He finished the homework himself
    • Indefinite Pronouns
      • Do not refer to a specific person or thing
      • Someone, anybody + everyone
    • Demonstrative Pronoun
      • Used to single out one or more nouns referred to in the sentence
      • This, that, these + those
    • Interrogative Pronoun
      • Used to ask a question
      • Who, whom + which
    • Possessive Pronouns
      • Used to show ownership but never have an apostrophe
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