Pronomos Vase - Prescribed Source

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  • Pronomos Vase 410BC
    • Red Figure, Southern Italy, Volute Krater, 410BC
      • Pronomos - celebrated musician
    • What is shown on the pot?
      • back stage on a theatre where actors and chorus members are getting ready
      • Dionysus and Ariadne(?) in the centre
      • Pronomos - aulos player - bottom centre
      • Heracles - top right
      • Possibly Demetrius (playwrite) with scrolls - bottom left
      • chorus of Satyrs - some dancing/ warming up
      • tragic actors
      • possible personification of satyr genre - left of Heracles
    • Costumes/ Masks/ Props
      • masks being worn, held and on the walls
      • nude suits
      • Animal suits - lion/leopard top right
      • Dionysus carrying a thyrsus
      • Instruments: aulos and lyre
      • Heracles wearing the Nemean Lion skin and holding his club & masks and wearing sleeves
      • garlands/head dresses
    • How useful is this vase
      • shows backstage to a satyr play
      • Crowded scene
        • c. 4 actors in tragic costume and c. 4 chorus members in satyr
        • 3 musicians - aulos and lyre
      • conversations between the chorus members - shows that they would like be friends or family
      • depicts a god, hero, woman from myth and famous musician


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